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Forearm Platforms

Forearm Platforms


Forearm Platforms and Mounting Brackets for use with all Wenzalite Safety Rollers and Gait Trainers


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  • Constructed of lightweight aluminum.
  • Multiple adjustments allow for many positioning options. It rotates inward or outward & is height adjustable. The handgrips extend forward or back to the position needed, supinate, pronate and are angle adjustable.
  • Each side is individually adjustable and allows custom support for each user.
  • Height adjustment is achieved by setting collar at appropriate height adjustment hole. Additional height adjustment is achieved by adjusting handlebar height.
  • Contoured armrest is molded in one piece with a flexible edge for added comfort.
  • Velcro® straps prevent arms from slipping.
  • Brackets mount anywhere along the handlebar, including the front bar. Position is determined by patient’s weight bearing needs.
  • Positioning the mounting bracket and forearm platform close to the walker uprights encourages a more upright position and positioning them farther forward will promote more of a forward lean.
  • Brackets can be mounted facing the inside or the outside of the handlebar allowing for lateral adjustability.
  • Additional Colors